What Families Say About PCIT

How PCIT Helps

What Parents Say about PCIT

Focus groups were conducted with parents in Pennsylvania who had completed or were currently enrolled in PCIT to understand more about their perspectives on PCIT. Parents emphasized the following was most important to them.

A PCIT Success Story

The importance of bonding that is emphasized in the model:

“…I have never felt like I can relate to him. And it’s hard not feeling like you can relate to your child… just never feeling like you can relate to them, like you can connect, until finally, I after all of this, I can actually connect with him. But… I think that’s what’s been so precious to me because I can actually talk to him…. I can actually feel close to him and not just be his mother. But feel like his mother and nurture him…”

Positive impact on the child

“I guess it made him feel important, it made him feel like he could do things, it gave him confidence. And that stretched out to the household. So I’d always so, ‘Okay. We are a team. We got to work together. We need your help.’ “

Positive impact on the parent

“And I think that it [PCIT] helps, for me, it helped to build my confidence to be able to deal with my child…I mean it helped me to feel more confident about my bond. It helped me to feel so that I had things to do that worked, were effective and I think it helped him feel more confident in me. ”

Differences between PCIT and other services

“It [PCIT] seems to be shorter than other services and it seems to give me a result of what I was looking for with the other services.“; “We’re actually dealing with the issues…I felt like PCIT deals with the child, it does not let the child get away with BSing them [counselors]. They deal with the problem straight on. They do not deviate from the problems. “

The videos below demonstrate the PCIT techniques from the perspective of the parents:

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