About Us

Our Mission & Values

The primary activities of the ECIC are to:

  1. provide high quality PCIT training and implementation through hands-on clinical trainings, coaching, and consultation with a focus on fidelity for clinicians
  2. support the development of professional networks for trained clinicians and
  3. attend to organizational- and system-level details that support implementation and sustainability success.

About Our Status as a Public Benefits Company

The Early Childhood Innovations Center, LLC (ECIC) is a privately-owned limited liability corporation that was founded and is directed by Amy D. Herschell, Ph.D. The ECIC is incorporated as a public benefit “B Corporation.” Accordingly, there is a clear focus on ensuring that the work completed within the ECIC has a positive impact on society, its workers, and the community.

We have a team of trainers committed to balancing expertise in the model (PCIT) with expertise in diverse topics, with a focus on implementation science which supports sustainability.

Community Implementation Specialists are experienced PCIT Clinicians with expertise in developing PCIT programs in Pennsylvania. 

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