The most meaningful thing we can give our children is a healthy relationship with their caregiver.

At the Early Childhood Innovations Center, our team is committed to enhancing the well-being of young children and families through the implementation, sustainability, and scalability of high-quality practices and community partnerships.

Our team provides specializes in innovative training in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) for professionals, agencies, and community system partners to promote the behavioral health of young children and families.

Great innovation alone is not enough to spark change.

Instead, our training team takes a unique approach of a cross-systems collaborative framework to support not only the implementation, but sustainability of new innovation over time.

PCIT Trainings

We offer trainings at your location, scheduled to fit your needs. We also often offer trainings at convenient locations that are already scheduled.

The ECIC team have been providing PCIT training and implementation consultation in Pennsylvania since 2009, with attention to program development within the systems and policies that support our communities and impact service delivery.

With the support of funding from local, state and federal contracts and grants, our team has focused on making PCIT accessible to families across Pennsylvania.

There are now 385 clinicians in 113 agencies in 62 out of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties who are now trained to provide PCIT. We welcome the opportunity to assist other states in getting PCIT to scale.

The ECIC team is honored to serve as a resource for Pennsylvania clinicians. The Early Childhood Innovations Center, (ECIC) was founded in December 2017 with three main aims for Pennsylvania:

  • To develop a sustainable PCIT workforce in PA
  • To increase utilization of PCIT in PA
  • To understand and address attrition in PCIT
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